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15-18 September 2011

Welcome to EuroParma2011!

EuroParma2011 is a four-days event organised by ESN-ASSI Parma, Italy, to celebrate its 20th anniversary on 15-18 September 2011.

The event will include an official ESN Alumni Medley, a ESN PRIME conference and a reunion of former Erasmus Students who came to Parma in recent years.

You are welcome to join us: register here!

You can follow site updates via RSS (link), via Twitter (link) and you can contact us if you need more information.

Latest News
15 Jul 2011
EuroParma2011 was featured on the July 2011 edition of the ESN Newsletter: all former and active members of ESN are invited, and ESN will be...
23 Jun 2011
The ESN Alumni Board for 2011-2012 will be elected in Parma during EuroParma2011: yet another reason to join us on 15-18 September! More information...
15 Jun 2011
You can now register for EuroParma2011! Refer to the Registration Information page in the main menu for all details. Hurry up, the early bird fee is...
01 May 2011
ESN Parma will organize a PRIME conference as part of EuroParma 2011. PRIME, Problems of Recognition In Making Erasmus is a project by Erasmus...
15 Apr 2011
The ESN Alumni voted for EuroParma2011 to be an official ESN Alumni Medley! The Alumni Medley, formerly known as Alumni meeting, is a periodical...
02 Apr 2011
ESN-ASSI Parma celebrates its 20th Anniversary on September 17th, 2011! EuroParma2011 is our way to celebrate 20 great years of volunteering in...
Local Sponsors

Besides the institutional partners, the following local companies and commercial activities provided support for the event:

Serigrafia 76 Via Torricelli 16, Montecchio Emilia, Reggio Emilia
Stefano Bocchi - Studio di osteopatia e fisioterapia Strada Felice Cavallotti 30/A, Parma
Store 41 - Abbigliamento Piazza Ghiaia, Parma
Unicredit Banca Parma Strada Della Repubblica, Parma